Meet the team!

The Board
Carrie Madrid -
Christina Gonzalez -
Anthony Madrid -
Casey Flowers -
Dr. Angela D. Martin - NA
​Carrie De'Coud -
Jenniemarie Ramirez - NA
Diana Ayala - NA


Carrie Madrid, President & Founder
Christina Gonzalez, Vice President & Co-Founder
Stephanie Serao, Secretary
Laura Anderson, Treasurer
Dr. Angela D. Martin, Medical Advisor

Anthony Madrid, IT Expert
Norm Pelzer, Business Consultant
Carrie De'Coud, Special Events
Sable Grimes, Special Events, Publications/Twitter
Mitch Elam, Marketing/Apparel
Raychelle Harper, Lead Social Worker
​Ginny Catren, Lead Survivor Mentor/Chair of the Survivor Advisory Committee
Margaret Lesh, Co-Chair of the Survivor Advisory Committee