The CARE Project, Inc.
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Making A Difference

"We realize that while patients are undergoing and/or recovering from treatment, most cannot work full time and therefore their incomes are significantly less than usual.  This means that everyday necessities become luxuries.  We aim to help with those very needs so the patient can focus on healing".         -Carrie Madrid, Founder & President

We provide:

Financial Assistance

One-time grants for utility bills, rental assistance and co-pays.

Uber, Lyft or Fuel cards to help with transportation to and from treatments.

Gift cards for groceries and household items.

Chemo "CARE" Packages filled with necessities such as disposable gloves and face masks, lip balm,

bottled water, blankets, and scarves. 

The Shannon K. Brown Grant is awarded to one recipient in financial crisis.  The presentation is made

at our annual fundraising gala and is usually $3,000.00

Prom Project - One Inland Empire patient who has a teen going to prom will be chosen as our honoree. 

The teen will be treated to a dress or tux, shoes, hair and makeup, prom tickets and more.

Adopt-A-Family Christmas Campaign - One Inland Empire family in financial distress is adopted

and gift cards are collected by supporters of The CARE Project to be passed on to the family.

Emotional Support
Our Survivor Social Club was established  for those going through

and recovering from treatment.  This is a relaxed, small group of Survivors who share a common bond and want to 

socialize with others who have "been there, done that."   Our monthly socials could be a simple luncheon or a fun outing such as makeovers, movies, beach trips, etc. 

Survivor/Patient mentoring – newly diagnosed are matched with a survivor for one on one support.

Health & Wellness - From time to time we have special guests join us for classes/workshops on things such as Yoga, Nutrition, Zumba, Meditation, Essential Oils and more. We aim to focus on prevention and recovery through health and wellness and have partnered with volunteer nutritionists, instructors, physicians and therapists.

Survivor Social Club

We have a monthly gathering of survivors to encourage, inspire and support one another.  Socials are typically the 2nd Saturday of the month with some exceptions.  Please follow our Facebook page for details or contact us at 951-742-7405 for more info.

Christina Gonzalez

Christina is a natural caregiver, and has been with The CARE Project since it's inception.  She agreed to be Carrie's Co-Founder  and has assisted with bringing her ideas of what The CARE Project could be into a reality. As Carrie's personal friend, she knew firsthand what Carrie endured following surgery and chemotherapy treatments. She served as one of Carrie's caregivers. Christina loves to work behind the scenes, is a master of details and is our Special Events Coordinator. 

Carrie Madrid

Carrie began The CARE Project Inc., two years after her own Stage III diagnosis. She realized that there weren't any local organizations providing financial support to patients undergoing treatment. She also wanted to socialize with others in treatment instead of attending a traditional support group. 
Read more about Carrie's personal journey here