"​We realize that while patients are undergoing and/or recovering from treatment, most cannot work full time and therefore their incomes are significantly less than usual.  This means that everyday necessities become luxuries.  We aim to help with those very needs so the patient can focus on healing."

-Carrie Madrid, Founder & President

​Our Mission

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Our mission at The CARE Project, Inc. is to provide support for both male and female breast cancer patients undergoing & recovering from treatment.

​Emotional Support:
  • Monthly survivor social club - Support group with a social flare
  • ​Survivor/patient mentoring - Survivors are matched with newly diagnosed.
  • ​Caregiver support - Former Caregivers are available to encourage current caregivers

​​Financial Support:
  • One-time grants for utility bills
  • Gas cards to help with transportation to/from treatments
  • Grocery gift cards
  • ​Adopt-A-Family Christmas Campaign - One Inland Empire family in financial distress is adopting and gift cards are collected by supporters of TCP to be passed on to the family.
  • ​Annual Pillar Grant - Made possible by Pillar Crossfit of San Antonio, Texas.  Awarded to one patient undergoing or recovering from treatment.  This grant is our biggest grant of the year.  Patients are nominated 9/1-10/1 and the grant is presented at our annual Pink & White Celebration at the end of October.
  • Prom Project - One Inland Empire teen who's parent is undergoing treatment will receive $250-500 towards the cost of their prom.
  • ​Chemo "CARE" Packages​​ filled with necessities such as disposable gloves, face masks, lip balm, bottled water, blankets, scarves & more