Introducting TCP’s  Featured Survivor, Angela Cordes! ​

Angela is a 38 year old photographer & high school principal in Oklahoma. She was diagnosed 5/19/14 with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, stage III. Angela says the biggest lesson learned since diagnosis is thateveryone is going through something.  She is making a valiant effort to help others in the same situation, by adding joy to their toughest days. 

She visits her local cancer center every week and takes little
gifts while just talking with people. She is a co-host of a
breast cancer support group on Facebook. 

She says,

“Throughout this process, I have learned that
everything is easier if you have your mind in the right place. 
Staying positive has helped me to soar through chemo,
surgery & now radiation.”

I met Angela online through a Facebook support group and
when I asked everyone to post a photo from their last day
​of chemo, she shared this photo. I knew we were very much alike and had to get to know her.  I plan to go to Oklahoma in the future and do a photo shoot with her once I’m done with all of my reconstruction.  You can also see her in her self-proclaimed “cheesy, yet fun” video.